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Natalie Scott’s debut collection of poetry, BERTH (Bradshaw Books), brings together myriad diverse voices, tapping into the psyche of those affected by the sinking of the Titanic. Ambitious in its scope, Berth seeks to unravel the myths that have emerged over the century since the tragedy. From the pathos of poems in the voices of the passengers who died, to the amusing reflections of the iceberg, dog and anchor, this collection commemorates those who were lost and celebrates those who survived the fateful early hours of 15 April 1912.


       "Natalie Scott brings a deft poetic imagination to this timely revisiting of the Titanic disaster. The least passenger is afforded a voice in her lively and moving narrative which uses actual historical detail, such as a list of recovered possessions from the ship’s hold, without ever becoming sentimental."     - Anna Woodford


       “If the likes of Smith, Ismay, Guggenheim and the passengers, crew and others depicted in this book were interviewed today their testimonies would not I think be too far away from the words that Natalie has written on their behalf.”

                   - Howard Nelson, Founder ~ Titanic Heritage Trust

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BRUSHED (Mudfog) is about painting new perspectives, giving voices to those we can’t hear and adding colour to the aspects of life which often seem black and white. The poems reflect on Natalie's interest in fine art, particularly the subjects of paintings who are eager to tell their stories. Other poems draw on her observations of relationships, loss, isolation and nature, considering the poignancy and humour of the seemingly simple moments in life.


       "[...] a sequence of the poems in here engage directly with a cross section of paintings and sculpture in a delightful and playful tone. There are shadows too in the poems of memory and experience but these are understated and alluded to, shown rather than confessed. Many of the poems are vignettes of character and scene.These are expressed in elegant cadences of free verse."    

                  - Pauline Plummer


       "a memorable and persuasive debut"    - Anna Woodford

Berth Cover DSC02203

FRAYED (Indigo Dreams) explores a number of interwoven themes including nature, relationships and the complexities of the mind; Scott considers the natural world in poems which adopt an eco-centric perspective, from a landscape in fog to road kill; she presents snapshots of relationships becoming ragged at the edges using domestic images such as a shopping list and mattress; and the thoughts of fractured minds are voiced from the perspective of those suffering moments of obsession or confusion.


“The poems in Frayed move assuredly between the rural and urban and some of the most inventive and memorable images occur at the uneasy intersection between the human and more-than-human worlds. Whether beautifully describing the precise moment at which an osprey fledges or recounting the end of a long-term relationship through the life story of a double mattress, Natalie Scott evokes the richness and fragility of both the human condition and the wider natural environment in which it's seen to play an often treacherous part.”


           - Susan Richardson


“Here’s a ‘frayed’ relationship viewed through a multifaceted jewel of poetic renderings. There are lots of kisses: a fridge magnet still kissing the fridge, a blind cave fish kissing its way around a tank – dirty kisses. Loving you, she says, is like living on Death Row. I couldn’t wait to read where she was going to take me next.”


           - Graham Burchell



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